In the Volksbuurtmuseum you can experience life under poor circumstances around 1920. An interactive alley, animations, street music, odours, carts used by street vendors and stories of residents bring back life of the historic working-class neighbourhood. In the alley, inspired by a – no longer existing - ‘poortje’ (literally small gate), you experience the cramped and poor conditions of life in such a neighbourhood. Judge for yourself if these were the ‘good old days’. Past and present are discussed and will make you think.

Part of the museum’s permanent presentation is translated into English.



The exhibition Sterrenwijk, picture of  ‘t wijk can be visited from 13th October up to and including 5th March 2023.

The residents of Sterrenwijk call their neighbourhood ‘t wijk. With some 875 inhabitants it is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in the city of Utrecht. Over 90 per cent of the houses in Sterrenwijk are categorized as social housing. The demarcation of Sterrenwijk is formed by Venuslaan, Abstederdijk, Notebomenlaan and Oosterspoorbaan. The quarter has few access roads and is therefore physically enclosed.

The district was originally built for the better working-class families. The houses were to last for a period of 25 years. Owing to the great housing shortage after WWII, the houses outlasted their life expectancy. Many large families with low incomes came to live in Sterrenwijk; a genuine workingclass neighbourhood grew; a district where people know each other and look out for one another. Residents are proud to live here. Community solidarity is an important element of  the neighbourhood.

Many working-class neighbourhoods changed and so did Sterrenwijk. The ethnic composition of the district became more diverse, which affected the character of the neighbourhood. As the neigbourhood expanded the social cohesion diminished. Many older residents mention the disappearance of ‘gezelligheid’ (togetherness) of the neighbourhood. In the past residents lived in the streets, but nowadays they rarely meet outside. After all, ‘unknown equals unloved’. 

This exhibition takes you through Sterrenwijk; from the construction of the first houses to  the present day. And who knows ‘to know is to love’ does apply…

The exhibition is translated into English.



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