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The working-class neighborhood used to be a neighborhood where "the common people" lived, often in small houses in poor condition. Every city had its working-class neighborhoods. Utrecht had Wijk C, once so named because the French occupiers could not (or would not) pronounce the Dutch names.

Wijk C was Utrecht's most densely populated neighborhood 100 years ago. In the district, large families lived in small hovels. The residents lived mostly outside. Everyone had to work very hard for a few cents and there was a lot of poverty. But there was also much togetherness and solidarity.

Although Wijk C is the only district in Utrecht still referred to by a letter, the neighborhood has changed a lot in the meantime.
The working-class neighborhood of 100 years ago no longer exists, but it has resulted in the Volksbuurt Museum.

We still live close together and there are all kinds of challenges in living together. Step into the life of the De Jong family and discover the big and small stories of ordinary life in a working-class neighborhood in Utrecht. Maybe after this you will look at your neighborhood with a completely different perspective!


Temporary exhibition: Life Course - Stories about the power of opportunities
27 December 2023 - 12 May 2024

The place where you are born has a significant impact on the opportunities you receive, and this has always been the case throughout history. In the past, people from Wijk C were rejected in job interviews because the neighbourhood had a bad reputation. As a result, the residents had a disadvantage compared to those from other neighbourhoods, simply because they were born in Wijk C.

Even now, equal opportunities are high on the societal agenda. The growing gap is felt in many aspects: opportunities for housing, appropriate education, and dream jobs are certainly not the same for everyone. The opportunities you have for personal development and advancement still strongly depend on your social network and the environment in which you grow up. Additionally, your school recommendations, language skills, financial situation, and career advancement prospects play a significant role in this.

In this exhibition, three Utrecht families share their experiences regarding their opportunities in education, the job market, and the housing market, and how that has influenced their life course. Various family members are interviewed, providing answers to the question: How do your background and surroundings determine the paths you take in life?

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The text and audio in the museum is translated into English.

Opening hours Tuesdays to Sundays from 11.00h to 17.00h.

Mondays (with the exception of Easter Monday and Whit Monday), King’s Day (27th April), Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 1st January the museum is closed. Please, check our website for current information.

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